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Tips for Using our Attracted To You Magnetic Eyeliner

It's as easy as One, Two, Three! 

By now you may have heard that our Attracted to You liquid eyeliner in black has magnetic properties in it. You heard right! 

Our formulation was made to assist with the application of our IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes, and also has the bonus ingredient of biotin to promote growth in your natural lashes. 

So now you have the IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes, the LASHLUV Mascara, and the Attracted To You Black Liquid Liner. You are all set!

These three products will give you the full and volumous lashes you have always wanted. Whether you are going glam or wanting a more natural long lash, all you need are these three products! 

Let me give you some tips and tricks on how to apply our magnetic lashes, and what extra benefits the products have. 

Step one: 

Attracted To You - Liquid Eyeliner
Shade: Magnetic Black

Benefits - This liquid eyeliner has magnetic properties in it to assist with the application of our magnetic lashes. It also has biotin in it. Biotin will promote growth in your natural lashes. So, whether you are wearing it as a liquid eyeliner on its own, or under the magnetic lashes, your natural lashes will be conditioned. 

How to Apply - Apply along the eye line using the fine point applicator.
Once it is dried, you will be able to snap our magnetic lashes on! 

Tips - The thicker the line, the easier the lashes may be to apply. Make sure there is no mascara or liner left on the magnets for optimal magnetic attraction from magnetic lash to eye line. 


Step two: 

LASHLUV Natural Mascara
Shade: Natural Black

Benefits - Our natural mascara also promotes lash growth! Using two ingredients, horsetail plant and pea protein, LASHLUV will help to condition and lengthen your lashes. With our silicone brush, you will comb through every lash like a fine tooth comb. 

How to Apply - Wiggle your lashes from root to tip and re-apply as desired.  

Tips - Applying LASHLUV Mascara will provide a base for our IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes.  Think of your lashes like a shelf for the top lash to sit on.  When it has mascara on it, the lashes are stronger and the application is easier. 


Step three: 
IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes

Benefits - Our magnetic lashes are made from silk, NOT plastic! We are giving you high-quality lashes that look and feel like your own lashes. They have a black cotton band for comfort and three magnets so that the band will cover your entire eye line. 

How to Apply - Place the top lash onto your eye line and watch as it magnetizes to the Attracted To You - black liquid eyeliner while resting on the LASHLUV Mascara.  Grab the bottom lash, open your eye right up and secure the bottom lash to the top lash.  The magnets will attract to each other. 

Tips - Make sure you bend the bands of both the top and bottom lashes before applying! Ensure that the magnets do not have liner or mascara on them before applying and allow the magnets to rest on the liquid eyeliner on your eyeline to magnetize.

You are now left with flawless lashes!
NO glue. NO expensive lash appointments. Say YES to magnetic lashes and liner. 


Tara and the TOK Team

Model/Clean Beauty Blogger:
Lauren White - @whollybeautiful
Attracted To You - Black Liquid Eyeliner
IT TAKES TWO - Classic Short

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