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Why I started - I was unhealthy. I had lost my confidence.

People often ask me why I started TOK Beauty. My short answer is that I was traveling around and helping other women with tips and tricks on how to apply makeup, what to apply, and to help them with their self-confidence. While this is true, there is a longer story. A more personal story as to why I started this journey and business. 

I was unhealthy. I lacked confidence. I had no control over my own life. I noticed other women were in the same position as me. 

I was active as a young kid and teen, but into my young adulthood I was diagnosed with epilepsy and a lot of the things I loved doing were put on hold for my safety. My medication at the time made me gain weight, I had unhealthy eating habits, and had toxic relationships surrounding me. 

I moved to Calgary, AB and in 2015 I decided to do something about my health. I decided to make some changes for me.

First, I found a neurologist that put me on the proper medication that would control my epilepsy but also maintain my weight. I began to see and feel changes immediately. 

Second, thank you to my friend, I found a lifestyle coach to provide me with a meal plan and workout plan. I needed the tools to become healthier, both mind and body. This plan kept me accountable with check-ins week after week. I lost 40 pounds in a year. I began to feel healthier and regain back my confidence. I had accomplished something for the first time in a while, and I felt like I could tackle other things I was afraid to do.

Next, I left my corporate career to work in an industry I enjoyed. Always interested in the beauty industry, I applied to be a receptionist at a salon/spa in Calgary. At the time I had no plan, I just wanted to learn about the industry and do something I actually enjoyed.

While there, I decided to certify myself as a makeup artist. For many years it was a hobby of mine, doing makeup on friends and family. Makeup personally made me feel more confident and beautiful. 

Becoming a makeup artist was great! I was traveling around part-time and doing makeup on women. Watching them look in the mirror and seeing their face light up with confidence was all the payment that I needed for that day. They would ask me tips on how to apply makeup, and ask me what products to buy. It was always a great experience!
The question I got asked most “How do you apply those glue on lashes!”

At the time, I wasn’t using clean beauty products - on these women or myself.

In 2017, I decided that since I was making changes with my personal health, why wouldn’t I switch my products to clean too. Feeling more confident in myself, I decided I would launch my own brand of clean beauty products to ensure that they are in fact clean and high-performing. There wasn’t much information or many options at the time. I started speaking with chemists, industry leaders, and naturopaths.
I launched IT TAKES TWO! Magnetic Lashes first to help women that wanted a solution for glue on lashes and expensive lash extension appointments, and now in 2019 we have our own LIPLUV Lipglosses, LASHLUV Mascara, CLEAN SLATE Cleansing Cloths and Liquid Eyeliners, all with plant-based benefits.

Introducing these products to women across Canada and the US made my why, more clear. I do it for me, and I do it for them. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, mind and body. 

While my health journey is not complete, and I am always working on myself, I am building a life that I am proud of. 

Thank you for supporting TOK Beauty and my journey.
Stay tuned for 2020 and new clean beauty products launching! 

- Tara.

Photos by: @prettylightphotography, @mytography, @shannypenney
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