Meet Tara


As a loving mom to her two dogs, Shabu and Logan, Tara has been excited about the beauty industry and makeup from a young age. She was in the corporate sales world for almost a decade, and although she loved it, she knew that she wanted to create a natural beauty brand that she could use herself and on other women. 

At 29, Tara left the corporate world, certified herself as a makeup artist, and started TOK Beauty. Her mission with TOK Beauty is to make everyone feel beautiful from the inside out. She feels that makeup can help enhance your inner beauty by increasing self-confidence, self-care and in turn self-love. 

Tara loves traveling and sharing tips and tricks, teaching people how to apply makeup, and suggesting natural beauty products that work best for each client. Her favourite part about what she does is providing a client with high-quality clean beauty products and watching their face when they look in the mirror to say 'WOW' with a big smile.  

If Tara is not creating her next natural product, she is out doing makeup, running to her favourite green beauty boutique, or on a road trip to her family cottage in Muskoka.                         

Meet Megan

Office Manager

Megan has always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. She shares the same vision, in that quality nutrition and exercise are important to health, but is it also critical to take a look at what you are putting on your skin as well.

A mom to two beautiful kids, Megan is always on the go. If she isn’t behind scenes working for TOK, you can find her at the gym or at the horse farm.  

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