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Why I chose a silicone wand for TOK Mascara

Why I chose a silicone wand for TOK Mascara

There are so many different types of wands to choose from for a mascara! I wanted something that was going to separate lashes, while creating thickness and length.

I went on personal experience as a makeup artist and as someone that has been applying makeup for years.  I also turned to the pros, namely Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, and Allure.  I wanted to see what they recommended and why.

Here was my findings and why I chose the silicone wand:

1.       Silicone wands are the best for separating and coating each lash because they basically act like a fine tooth comb.

2.       They are coating each lash separately, the mascara is creating volume and thickness to your lashes.  The more coats you apply, the thicker your lashes will appear.

TIP: allow the mascara to slightly dry before applying the second and third coat.

3.       With our formulation, we have included two natural ingredients – horsetail plant and pea protein.  These special ingredients will work over time to prevent breakage, condition your lashes, and promote growth.  This in turn will help give your lashes length!

With the lengthening and coating of each lash by the silicone brush, you won’t have to look for another mascara again! 

Have you tried our TOK Mascara yet?

TOK soon,


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